Did we mention we were in the press?

Did we mention we were in the press?

Sort of like being in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. We’ll ok… it’s pink. It’s a lovely article. Thank you La Vanguardia.


La Vanguardia drops by.

Sometimes the stars align and everything just clicks. We had a visit from Ariadna Alcañiz who is a reporter from La Vanguardia, Barcelona’s excellent daily newspaper. It seems as though Mesa Bonita is going to be featured in the Sunday Magazine at some point in September. Thank you tile Gods! More to come.


From the Vibia Collection “Match.” Designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal.

Every once in awhile you meet a like mind. Every once in a very rare while. Monica Fuentes at Smart Deco is that like mind. She’s passionate, funny, smart as a whip and works like dog. It’s not like we are related business wise. We make tables and things from tossed away relics of better times, she does media and press for just a few really great clients like Coco-mat and Vibia both of which we admire for their values, hard work and temerity.

Monica and the folks she represents really represent a future where we actually want to go. Check them out.